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Boosting your immune system

boosting your immune system

At this time of COVID-19, but especially if you’re going through chemotherapy or other cancer treatments, it’s so important to take care and boost your immune system.

I was going to write about how I juiced and added ginger, made soup with loads of turmeric, walked the dog and then I came across a great resource, here: Lifestyle Tips To Improve Immunity.  As they say, why reinvent the wheel when it gives the information I was going to say plus heaps of other really helpful stuff.

Even though the effects of the chemo on my immune system have long passed, I have been taking natural supplements, with the advice of my naturopath, to maintain a healthy immune system. During these Covid-19 restrictions naturopaths/herbalists may, like mine, be offering telephone consultations to support and strengthen your immune system – so it may be worth investigating this option.

Stay safe at home, look after yourselves, each other and your immune system.


(still taking turmeric, but in a Pomi-T capsule now, and still walking the dog, but the juicing has disappeared)

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