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Polybalm – nail treatment

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Polybalm – nail treatment.

Polybalm – nail treatment. This balm is designed to prevent damage to the nail bed – a common side effect of chemotherapy. Polybalm is designed by a team of oncologists and dermatologists in conjunction with the UK National Cancer Research Institute and has been thoroughly tested through major government backed randomised controlled trials.Ā  Ā J&J xx

PolybalmĀ is the only natural nail remedy to beĀ scientifically designed, prepared and evaluated in a major government backed randomized controlled trial (RCT). It contains rare plant-based waxes and biologically active essential oils which have been delicately prepared to preserve their rich polyphenolic compounds with no potential irritants such as preservatives, colours, parabens, sulphates or petroleum. Also see: https://treatmetreasureme.com.au/shop/gifts-for/men/pomi-t-capsules/

How couldĀ this balm help your nails?:

The waxes and oils in polybalm are particularly rich in phytochemical especially the phenolic polyphenols group. In addition to the basic abilities to moisturise the skin and prevent drying, splitting or cracking of the nail, they are known to have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.

Why is polybalm unique?

  • Rare polyphenol rich essential oils – Tested in a major scientific study –Ā Only pure natural waxes & oils –Ā Ingredients with anti-bacterial properties –Ā Ingredients with anti-fungal properties –Ā Naturally deep moisturising –Ā Ingredients with anti-oxidant properties –Ā Ingredients chosen for synergy –Ā Safe & well tolerated

The Polybalm website has more information on the scientific study and trial as well as the benefits of using Polybalm.