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Cancer Gift Baskets

These baskets are the careful work of Dr Jemma Gilchrist, cancer psychologist from Mind My Health. After talking to many hundreds of cancer patients at various stages of diagnosis, treatment and recovery, these care packs have been put together with everything you'll need to help you through.  

The smaller care packs include the absolute essentials, through to the premium packs which include a few loving extras that turn these packs into a beautiful gift to cherish.  Gift packs are beautifully wrapped to help lift the spirits a little. 

We've priced these at minimum markup to make them accessible to all and we hope you find something here to support you or your loved one through the current phase and to nurture mind, body and spirit.  xx J&J

All products are available individually, so feel free to put your own basket together and we’ll package it as a gift for you.

Feel free to browse our ‘gifts for’ categories on the side bar to find the gift that just right for your loved one.  And there’s an option to send an instant gift voucher if you’re just not sure or want your loved one to be able to choose their own.

A percentage of all Treat me Treasure me profits are donated to a cancer causes.


When you aren’t sure what to do or say, these care packages start a little of the conversation for you. The new diagnosis gifts include items for relaxation, hope and love.


It can be really tricky to know what’s needed for Chemo. These packs include all the little tricks to help relieve symptoms like nausea, skin changes, hair loss and sleep problems. Plus hydration, sanitiser and a tiny hand warmer (to make it easier to find veins that feel like hiding).


Radiotherapy is tough on skin and often brings fatigue. We have included thoughtful options to soothe the skin, help sleep, stay cool, refresh,and relax the body and comfort the soul.


These collections have the little things that make a real difference in hospital or to show someone you care. Items to help you sleep, feel cozy or just a bit special. We have put together some great tips for preparing for hospital here:  What do I need to prepare for hospital?


It’s so important to keep the caring going after the treatment stops; because the challenges don’t stop when the treatment does.  These care baskets are a beautiful way of reminding someone how much they are cared for and include thoughtful ways to inspire and believe.


“Men are so hard to buy for!”. Well, we’ve taken some of the challenge out of it for you with these carefully selected gifts. For more ideas or to add additional items to these gift baskets, view the ‘Shop -> Gifts For -> Men’ category.


We know that even with all our ideas and tips it can still be so tricky to know what to do for someone going through cancer treatment. Maybe a gift voucher is just the thing to let your loved one know you care, and letting them choose for themselves from our extensive range of gifts and treatment needs. J&J xx


For those going through chemotherapy, a lovely head cuddle, sun hat or scarf can make a really thoughtful gift.  Mark on your order that these are a gift and we’ll gift wrap them and include a complimentary gift card with your personal message.