• Cancer treatment needs. Treasures for loved ones.
Whether you are going to hospital, to chemo or radiotherapy, exercising or relaxing at home, we have lots of choices for you. Our PJ top was designed specifically for breast surgery, it’s the only one we know of that is made especially for this purpose (surgery, mastectomy, augmentation), but you’d never know it! There are gather wraps (to keep the chill off in air conditioning or wear them out when you would like a cheeky little drape of fabric in the right place!), ponchos (perfect for post-op checks and for casual winter dressing), tunics for layering and fantastic ‘yoga’ type pants (seriously flattering, super comfy). The pieces are designed to layer and suit a wide variety of shapes and sizes. That’s the whole point - so you feel good when you need to. J&J xx
Hospital wear, post-mastectomy fashion, sleepwear, nightwear, pyjamas, post surgery clothing, drains.

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