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Our Story

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“Is there anything I can do?”

Those few words are genuine and seem easy to say – but so much more difficult to put into action.

Although Jemma has since moved on, Treat me Treasure me all started when two women, who had met through their children ten years before, realised they shared a passion about supporting people who are facing an illness.

Jacqui’s husband had been diagnosed with a brain tumour and had undergone surgery and radiotherapy. The cancer didn’t read a calendar and decide on the most convenient time to show up – it had all happened when they were juggling family and careers.  There was a lot of love from friends and family – and a lot of casseroles. The casseroles and hugs were fabulous, but it got her thinking that it is just really hard to know what a person facing this kind of situation needs. So many people asked “what can I do?” but once you know what you need – you’ve finished the treatment!

Jemma is a clinical psychologist who has spent years working with people who are facing cancer, other illnesses or personal challenges.  She speaks to people every day about what they need for surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy or just to feel a bit special. The practical things as well as the indulgent things that help when a person feels overwhelmed and uncertain about what’s next.

Treat me Treasure me is a place to find what you need; whether that’s to help cope with treatment or to face that next bit of the whole experience.

It’s for the person having the treatment and for all those who care about them and want to help, but just don’t know how – this site is for you.

Dr Jemma Gilchrist is the owner and principal psychologist at Mind My Health. She left Treat me Treasure me in 2019 to focus on her Sydney based Practice. If you’d like to book an appointment with Dr Jemma, details of her practice can be found here: Mind My Health

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