• Cancer treatment needs. Treasures for loved ones.
Although one of the first thoughts for people diagnosed with cancer is the impact on the people they love (especially if they are scared they won’t be OK in the end) they are often too terrified to talk, or even think, about it. This collection is special. It is a mix of inspirational books with uplifting and genuine quotes and carefully chosen, poignant books which can help a person to think about who they are, what they love about themselves and others and how they would like others to think of them. In our families we have nonnas, nonna pollo (don’t ask! – and we are not even Italian), Bibby, Nan, Grumps, Pops, Poppas, mormor, morfar, Nanna, Poppy, Pops, Gran –  seriously. Whatever the politics of the name they actually ask to be called,  it’s the love and the memories that counts, not the labels! Check out the birds on a wire, generations of the big and the little birds right there, together.


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