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 “Will I lose my hair, my eyelashes?” is one of the first things that people ask when treatments (especially chemotherapy) are recommended.  Then they feel bad about it being vain or something. It’s not vain; hair’s a big deal; it might be a big part of your identity, or something you hide behind (!), or a part of you that is admired. So if losing your hair is a reality, take control and choose something you feel good in.

We hope you love our hats, scarves, beanies and headbands (for when your hair is growing back or is thinning on the top). Some are reversible (in a huge range of colours) and they are all made of stretchy, huggable, cotton and spandex. So they feel so comfy (even over glasses). Try adding bling and scarves; funky or classic, you choose (because you are in control of this one!).

Hair falls out all over the body (yep, all, ahem, no-one tells you that bit). Fake the look of eyelashes with eyeliner or fake it till you make it with the fabulous Cherry Blooms.

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