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You, Me and the Rainbow

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You, Me and the Rainbow

Have you ever been wrapped in a rainbow? Mariah has. Every night her mother wraps her in the colours of the rainbow and together they enter an enchanting world of ducklings, dolphins, tiny frogs, tasty cherries, sunsets, twinkling stars and violets. Float away with Mariah into the magic of You, Me & the Rainbow. This book has been a source of comfort and hope for thousands of children.

The story of Mariah and her magic rainbow developed out of Petrea King’s experience of wrapping her own small children up in a rainbow when she was living with cancer. The nightly ritual of connection became an important way for her children to feel loved, safe and nurtured through a challenging time and sending rainbows has continued to this day as a regular visual image of connection and love between them. You, Me & the Rainbow is beautifully illustrated by well-known artist Patricia Howell.

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